Hi all,

this is just a quick notice to advise that the Climb on bikes cycling club is still active for the coming season 2018. As a past member you would be more than welcome to come along to a meeting to be held at the Bunch of carrots public house at Bishop Hampton Herefordshire at 7:30 pm on the 12th February 2018.

It is hoped that along with the annual hill climb and cyclocross events run by our own Ned Potter, members may wish to contribute to the club activities and your thoughts and views will be very welcome.This does not necessarily mean racing or running the next tour de France ! so whether you are interested in promoting an event, a fun ride or just wanting to get involved please come along.

Membership can be renewed via the British Cycling website ( www.britishcycling.org.uk ) with the club cycling kit still currently available at cost price from Climb on bikes shop in Coningsby street. The new Club secretary is Lee Gaughan contactable on cobcc.sec@outlook.com , Phil Mason remains Treasurer on cobcc.treas@outlook.com and membership remains Helen Beacon on cobcc.memb@outlook.com

That should be enough for now and the rest can be filled in on the 12th Feb meeting, please feel free to bring along past members which have not renewed last year and for which contact details are no longer available to the club.

Yours in sport, COBCC.

P.S. if someone has contact details of these and possibly other interested parties, please pass on the above mail; Ben Dale , Dave Perks